Shin Munen Ryu Kenjutsu is a sword focused martial art based in Tokyo, Japan.

Shin Munen Ryu 新無念流 is a Koryu based kenjutsu system. This style of swordsmanship derives from the Edo period.
Shin Munen Ryu focuses on the long sword (katana) and short sword (wakizashi).  Kenjutsu, paired forms kata are taught as well as use of the real sword in Iaijutsu. Bokuto, iaito and shinai, Wooden and metal and bamboo swords are all used in training. The headquarters is currently the Renshinkan 錬心館 in Tokyo, Japan.

Our emphasis is on correct technique and understanding. An open mind and heart are valuable to learning the martial arts. Although we are learning sword combat the value of learning is to help ourselves and society become a better place.
If you have interest to learn through our distance courses they are available to those outside of the Tokyo area. For information on online learning please contact us.