We provide instruction on Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu:  Japanese sword fighting system.

We are not a company or business selling martial arts  lessons and teaching you how to use the sword. We train you in this well rounded and interesting sword system. We do not just sell you online courses and how-to videos.
YOU become a student of Shin Munen Ryu and actually learn Japanese sword combat.

What is here:

  • Traditional Japanese sword combat
  • Experienced, patient and competent teaching
  • In depth learning and training to last a lifetime
  • A complete and real system of swordsmanship

How Do I Start Learning Sword?

An interview and/or introduction from a current member is necessary before joining Shin Munen Ryu.
This is an actual school with an actual kenjutsu system. You enroll as a member of the school, not as a customer.

Sample lesson made available to the public.

How Does Learning & Training Work?

If you live in Tokyo you can come train with us directly. If you are not in Tokyo you can learn through our online workshops and lessons.
All students in and outside of Japan have access to appropriate teachings and lesson videos. During learning you are able to post your own videos and ask questions to get corrections. This happens in online workshops or in one on one and/or supplemental videos etc. We have students in different countries who enjoy learning and make good progress through online study with Shin Munen Ryu.
Distance learning is not as hard as it seems.

Normal student tuition is paid monthly through Paypal for those not residing in Tokyo.
If you have questions please contact us. Please make sure you check your spam folder for the reply. It some times ends up there initially.

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